{At Work!} Sarah Stone of A Fine Line

On leaving her job to become self-employed and take care of her daughter Sarah says "it's one of the best decisions I ever made."

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{At Work} Jackson, Laura & Gray of Notabli

Sparked by his young son, Jackson, a design and tech savvy dad, collaborates to build Notabli, an innovative app for parents to capture all of their kids moments.

{At Work!} With Sarah, Una, Finley and Willa of Yellow Bird Design

On a farm overlooking the green mountains, Sarah's work space overflows with fabric to create vibrant aprons and an innovative new product made from muslin and beeswax. Meanwhile her kids sort buttons, sew and draw alongside.

{At Work!} Angela, Nada, Hadi & Nael of Studio Carta

Inside the creative ribbon and paper filled world of book binder and Italian craft importer, Angela Liguori, when her kids join in the creations!

{At Work!} with Stephanie, Andy, Azrael and Aria of Middlebury Chocolates

In Middlebury Vermont, Stephanie and Andy grind, conch, temper, mold and package chocolate bars, truffles and specialty treats from heirloom cocoa beans. Their two children are always near by, tasting and helping.

"...every time we sell a necklace, every time I send out a print I am so thankful because it is literally helping us put food on our table and pay the bills! It is creative and fun work, yes! But it is also very important work to my family and we are both proud of it." Candis, Mama to Westley and 1/2 of Lady Lee & Drew Jones